If you’re looking for fine food, coffee and art in the small Tasmanian town of Perth, try Ut Si Cafe on the main road. We did just that following our visit to Hadspen to stay at Red Feather Inn, and we weren’t disappointed.

Ut Si Cafe - Perth Tasmania

Ut Si Cafe and Gallery: Perth Tasmania

Ut Si Cafe: Best Ever Soup

Gavin recalls the pea and ham soup as the best he’s ever eaten. This tasting was twelve months ago, and he’s tried a few versions since then; so the Ut Si Cafe soup clearly stands up against any perceived competition! He’s been trying to re-create the dish himself ever since, without a skerrick of success.

Upon reading this comment about his cooking, Gavin complained bitterly. Apparently his success should, at the very least, be noted as “moderate”. Whatever! He certainly couldn’t produce the bread they served with the soup… that was divine.

Ut Si Cafe - Pea and Ham Soup

Pea and ham soup: Ut Si Cafe

We also demolished a serve of orange and poppy-seed cheesecake, and that too was delicious. The plate was drizzled with honey, and the cream on the side was thicker and richer than ice-cream. We haven’t even attempted that one at home!

Ut Si Cafe - Cheesecake

Orange and poppy seed cheesecake

Pretty Pumpkins and Charming Church

We’re not sure why the pumpkins were there. But they were so bright and pretty; they definitely made the front entrance eye-catching and attractive. We would assume (and regular customers may confirm or deny) the pumpkins were grown in the veggie garden at the back of Ut Si Cafe. If we grew pumpkins that looked that good, we’d use them as ornaments too.

Ut Si Cafe - Fresh Produce

Fresh pumpkins: Ut Si Cafe

The former church building housing Ut Si Cafe is very charming and welcoming for travellers breaking their drive from Hobart to Launceston and return. We dined there during a Sunday lunch service, and the gallery cafe was very busy. Many customers were taking advantage of the picture-perfect blue skies by dining alfresco.

We had a quick peek at the outdoor tables, nestled on the lawns outside, as we made our way down the back of the property to the toilets. City folk may find the location of the amenities a bit bizarre. But we thought it was quaint and quirky and just added to the overall experience. Meandering outside is a much better option than squeezing past the kitchen door into an adjacent loo (in our humble opinion).

Ut Si Cafe - Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast and lunch specials: menu board

Fine Food, Coffee and Art

There were containers of arty-crafty bits scattered over the eclectic mix of tables. We were still trying to fabricate reasons for buying some of the unique pieces when our meal arrived and we lost focus.

Ut Si Cafe - Gallery

Eclectic mix of art: Ut Si Cafe

The service was friendly at Ut Si Cafe, and the atmosphere was casual and unpretentious. The only other thing we’d add from our personal experience is this… they must offer outside catering. As we were eying a collection of filled baguettes and an assortment of cakes and slices, we were told they were “spoken for”. We were a little disappointed. And then our lunch came to the table, and all was forgiven!

You’ll find Ut Si Cafe at 86 Main Road in Perth. That’s obviously the Tasmanian town of Perth, not to be confused with the Western Australian capital. You can follow Ut Si Cafe on Facebook.

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