Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who celebrates this annual romantic milestone. The notion of exchanging lovey-dovey presents is not something we do in my house. It’s a nice idea for loving couples in the bloom of a new relationship. But for old married couples like us who are just busy being busy… not so much. Sad but true!

Valentine's Day - Flowers

Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: Tasmania Does It Well

While not embracing Valentine’s Day as such, we have been inspired by the over-use of the word “love” in yesterday’s article about the Celebrity Solstice cruise ship.

Cruise Ship - Love

LOVE the idea of a cruise ship holiday

So we thought we’d publish an article with a romantic theme. It may be too late for today… but there’s always next year. And of course, a surprise gesture on any random day is likely to win brownie points in the romance department.

Valentine’s Day or not, celebrating love in Tasmania is high on the wish list of many couples, as Des Brown will tell you. Eagles Nest Retreat in Sheffield takes great pride in offering a private, honeymoon environment.

Eagles Nest II - Luxury Accommodation

One of the bedroom wings at Eagles Nest II

You might recall our romantic getaway prize courtesy of Tin Dragon Trail Cottages in north east Tasmania too. What a very popular and sought-after prize that was!

Valentine's Day - Tin Dragon Trail Cottages

Tin Dragon Trail Cottages in Branxholm

And Carol Haberle began her review of Woodbridge Hill Hideaway with the words seclusion, seduction and indulgence! You can’t spell out romance better than that.

Woodbridge Hill Hideaway - Romantic Accommodation

Woodbridge Hill Hideaway (photo by Carol Haberle)

Wine and Dine in Tasmania: Romantic Dinner For Two

So romantic accommodation is well and truly covered in Tasmania. But what if your Valentine’s Day repertoire runs to cards and goodies rather than sleep-overs? Well step right up, because we have good ideas aplenty. Nutpatch Nougat in Kettering make the most divine chocolates you’ll ever find. But if you want the cutest teddy bears to go with your chocolates… who ya gunna call? Karen from Yumee Bear Hampers, that’s who!

Nutpatch Nougat - Chocolate Selection

Chocolates from Nutpatch Nougat

In North Hobart, Sweet Envy (great business name that) can provide a box of macarons or brownies in pretty colours. That’s always a treat. Or you could choose cupcakes, or maybe their specialty pecan sticky bun. Somebody stop me!

Sweet Envy - Cakes

Sweet Envy: North Hobart cake shop (photo by Anelda Lotter)

We must mention Sweet-As (also appropriately named). Sweets for your sweetie… handmade Tasmanian delectable rock candy. And in Devonport, hook up with Susanne from Tasmanian Gourmet Hampers. She also owns Sizzle, which is open Sundays at the Penguin Market. Decadent desserts appear to be her forte.

Villa Howden to the south of Hobart… now there’s a venue that screams ROMANCE. Anelda Lotter wowed us with photos of high tea recently. But maybe you want the full three-course experience rather than just a snack? It’s way too late to be booking a table now for this Valentine’s Day… but you could make a date for another day.

Villa Howden - High Tea

High Tea: Villa Howden for Valentine’s Day (photo by Anelda Lotter)

If you can lift your gaze from your partner’s eyes, the views over Hobart from the Signal Station Brasserie are magnificent. Simone Bett (of Tasmanian Menu fame) is in the kitchen at Mount Nelson, so the food will be sublime.

Pedro’s The Restaurant in Ulverstone will see you right for seafood. So many choices… what about the Salmon Ponds via New Norfolk? Pancakes for lunch, and then a stroll in the grounds. You could steal a kiss under a tree planted 150 years ago and profess undying love. Gee, we’re getting good at this! Maybe we should totally reassess this Valentine’s Day proposition?

Historic New Norfolk - Salmon Ponds

The Salmon Ponds via New Norfolk

Jewellery and Flowers, Tasmanian Style

So we’ve talked accommodation, chocolates, dinners… what about jewellery? Tasmania has such a great range of jewellery makers. Try Tasmanian Wooden Jewellery, Marley and Lockyer, Spotted Giraffe and Adore U for starters. A quick trip to any of the markets around Tasmania will reveal so much talent. You’re bound to find the perfect unique piece to win your lover’s heart.

Blackwood Necklace - Tasmanian Wood Jewellery

Jewellery for Valentine’s Day (photo supplied)

Flowers probably round out the usual suspects for Valentine’s Day shopping. Rather than the typical bunch of roses, how about a trip to one of the gorgeous gardens in Tasmania? The Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden via Burnie is definitely a winner.

Rhododendron - Japanese Theme Garden

Rhododendron Garden via Burnie (photo supplied)

Of course the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in Hobart are always impressive. Bridestowe Lavender Estate in the north east… another spectacular option. Likewise, the National Rose Garden at Woolmers Estate in Longford.

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but now we’re thinking about a proposal in the garden, rather than just a kiss. Wouldn’t that be special? Please tell us if you have other suggestions for Valentine’s Day in Tasmania. Or better still… did you and your honey exchange any clever gifts? Turn us green with jealousy!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for us to say thanks. Thanks to all our readers and to everyone involved with Think Tasmania. Thanks for sharing our love of Tasmania with your friends, neighbours, families and colleagues. We appreciate your support, and it’s great to know there are so many people on the same page. While you continue to read, comment and suggest articles, we’ll continue to publish them.

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