Judy Livingston from Eye See Personalised Tours considers the journey as important as the destination. That’s one reason she’s purchased a brand new van; so her passengers can see Tasmania as a guest, and not just a tourist.

Van - Silver Eye

Silver Eye: van (photo supplied)

The Van Called Silver Eye

Tired of hiring vehicles on cruise ship days and for extended tours around the state, a stylish van christened “Silver Eye” has been added to the fleet. It’s brilliant for larger groups including families. Although only a new addition, Eye See Personalised Tours have already conducted several wine tours in both the north and south of the state.

Corporate groups are also catching on to the idea, planning mobile mid-year work functions. Judy makes a very capable designated driver as well as tour guide!

Van - Eye See Tour Vehicles

Judy Livingston: Eye See Personalised Tours (photo supplied)

Additional Passenger Comfort

Silver Eye is licensed to seat eleven passengers, but for added comfort Judy prefers to limit numbers, taking ten guests on tour at any one time. Besides leg-room and all-round comfort, the van offers great visibility. There’s a microphone on board, so even those at the back can hear the commentary. Not to exclude anyone from the fun, Judy has a portable step so those with limited mobility can enter and exit the van with ease.

Van - Four Wheel Drive

Eye See Personalised Tours: Tasmania (photo supplied)

Corporate Image and Environmental Policy

You may wonder… why Silver Eye, when all Judy’s other vehicles are black and quite striking? Black vehicles can be too hot, and Judy is passionate about the comfort of passengers travelling with Eye See Personalised Tours. The resulting over-use of air-conditioning in a large, all-black vehicle would affect fuel economy. By choosing a silver van, Judy has considered her obligation to the environmental and her carbon footprint, without sacrificing comfort.

Van - Eye See Personalised Tours

Eye See Personalised Tours (photo supplied)

So look out for Silver Eye as Judy travels Tasmania with guests of Eye See Personalised Tours. Take note of the additional logo… it represents the traditional black-branded vehicle escaping from the new silver van. We think it’s very clever!

For more information visit the Eye See Personalised Tours website, which suggests a range of things to do, from day trips to overnight holidays. Contact Judy Livingston by phone: 0409 487 559. You can also follow Eye See Personalised Tours on Facebook.