We spoke of our fondness for Asian food recently, and it seems many of you are right with us on that score. You also seem to like us sharing the various restaurants we’ve tried, although we’re not professional critics by any stretch. {If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Did your mother teach you that too?} Today we give you… Vanidols. Again!

Vanidols - South Hobart

Vanidols South Hobart, Asian dining in Tasmania

All Good at Both Vanidols

We have several places in Think Tasmania’s filing system still to “review” – don’t like that word, really don’t – and we’ll get to them all as soon as possible. Just wanted to confirm that Vanidols has two locations; we mentioned the North Hobart restaurant in our Asian Food: Dining in Hobart article.

Well the Vanidols South Hobart restaurant is equally good. Picture above is the entree platter, a great way to sample a variety of starters. Marinated chicken with peanut sauce, curry puffs, spring rolls, fish cakes and BBQ beef salad. Tasty and quite spicy… and seeing this picture makes me want to go back there again right now!

Bring your appetite if you plan to follow this monster entree platter with curries and rice, because they’re awesome and hard to resist. I had a flavoursome but mild beef curry with potatoes and peanuts (pictured below).

Vanidols - South Hobart Curry

Beef curry from Vanidols with roti

Gavin likes lots of hot spice and he wasn’t disappointed with his dish (pictured below, but not an outstanding photo sorry!). Can’t recall exactly what Gavin ordered, and he’s working interstate just now, so I can’t confirm with him. It was possibly duck, because he’s a bit partial to duck. And pork belly. And seafood… There’s something for everyone at Vanidols though. And whatever you do, have the roti channai (an Indonesian flatbread). It’s one of the best we’ve tasted, and with peanut sauce, it would be a meal all by itself. But who could resist all the other stuff?

Vanidols - Asian Restaurant, Hobart Tasmania

Hot and spicy Thai curry: Vanidols, South Hobart

One thing I’d mention about Vanidols South Hobart is the dessert menu, delightfully titled “Something Sweets”. Sadly, we were WAY too stuffed to order dessert, but the selections weren’t what you’d usually expect from an Asian restaurant. Not lychees and fried ice-cream balls, but chocolate and raspberry pudding and lemon meringue cheesecake. That’s enough to entice us back again! The bench seating was comfy and the service from the staff was very efficient. All in all, an extremely pleasant experience and one we hope you’ll enjoy too. Let us know, yes?

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