We’ve been wanting to visit Vines and Designs, our fellow Business East members, for ages. So when planning an itinerary for our VIP guests last weekend, we decided to mix a little business with pleasure and take a tour from Hobart to the Tasman Peninsula. First stop… the Copping Museum.

Vines and Designs - Copping

Stop for Arrest: Vines and Designs, Copping

Vines and Designs: Copping Coffee Stop

We arrived mid-morning and ordered coffee. The place was buzzing with activity, but we still managed to snare a seat by the fire. On-duty owners Rebekah and Kate were way too busy for photographs (and perhaps just a little camera shy). Many of those coming and going must have been locals, gauging by the greetings called upon entry. For those of you interested in such things, the coffee and chocolate were top notch.

Vines and Designs - Coffee & Hot Chocolate

Grab a quick cuppa at Copping

Although we didn’t sample the food, the cakes on display and the menu board had us wishing we’d scheduled our lunch break in Copping instead of at nearby Dunalley Hotel. They stock products from the Callington Mill in Oatlands and the Jackman and McRoss Bakery in Hobart.

Vines and Designs - Callington Mill

Copping locals, Tasmanian tourists: Vines and Designs

Hobart to the Tasman Peninsula

Many tourists would find Vines and Designs a convenient place for a quick stop en route to the Port Arthur Convict Settlement. We’d planned a very leisurely drive via Dunalley to Eaglehawk Neck to explore the Tessellated Pavement. We also had Doo Town on our to-do list, along with the Tasman Blowhole, Tasman Arch and Devils Kitchen. That might sound like a lot of things to do, but we still had plenty of time to browse around the large gallery.

Vines and Designs - Tasman Peninsula

Tasman Peninsula: Port Arthur Convict Settlement

Think Tasmania Peeps

Some of our Think Tasmania friends sell their wares at Vines and Designs, including Sarah Woodward from Sea Soul Studio; Mic Giuliani of Sirocco South and Samantha Brown from the Art of Tea. There’s a surprisingly large range of arts, crafts and gourmet produce to peruse considering Copping is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it town on a busy road.

Vines and Designs - Mosaics

Art and craft handmade in Tasmania

Vines and Designs - Sirocco South

Gourmet deli section of Vines and Designs

Wine Tasting from Local Vineyards

Besides coffee and art, customers are also offered wine tasting, with samples available from the surrounding south-east region. Full bottles are available for sale at cellar door prices. Rebekah and John Yaxley, the owners of Yaxley Estate Vineyard, a local organic-certified property producing predominantly Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, are also co-owners at Vines & Designs with Kate North and Sally Ferra.

Vines and Designs - Wine Tasting

Vines and Designs: wine tasting and sales

Copping Museum: Considerable Collection

For a gold coin donation, visitors can wander through the amazing assortment of collectables in the Copping Museum, which is attached to the Vines and Designs gallery/cafe/deli section. Some items are antique; some just nostalgic… but all are interesting and unique. Given the location, it’s not surprising to see some memorabilia from the convict era.

Vines and Designs - Copping Museum

Copping Museum

Vines & Designs has been operating at the Copping Museum since November 2011. They currently open Friday to Monday. You might like to phone ahead on (03) 6253 5373 to confirm opening times. You can follow Vines and Designs on Facebook and apparently they have budget accommodation on site as well.

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Map: Vines and Designs at the Copping Museum, Tasmania…

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