Watchhouse Cottage: luxury accommodation in the small township of Hadspen, about 12kms from Launceston in the north of Tasmania. If you’re not particularly keen on reading gushing endorsements, you need to look away now. To describe this place, I need to haul out every possible superlative. Special, awesome, brilliant, fabulous… shall I go on?

Watchhouse Cottage - Red Feather Inn

Watchhouse Cottage: Red Feather Inn

Watchhouse Cottage: Red Feather Inn, Hadspen

To be honest, there’s several stories I need to tell about the weekend. Watch this space for details of…

There’s also some stories from said shared-table dining experience that I won’t be sharing! Suffice to say that all the guests had a fabulous, fun evening. What I would like to share with you first, is our time at Watchhouse Cottage.

Watchhouse Cottage - Two Bedroom, Self-Contained

Watchhouse Cottage self-contained accommodation

Self-Contained, Luxury Accommodation

The self-contained accommodation is part of the expansive Red Feather complex, found between the cooking school and a tiny, former jail building. The two-bedroom Watchhouse Cottage has its own private garden and can be expanded to three-bedrooms with the inclusion of another stand-alone room to the side. Each bedroom has a bathroom, making it the perfect choice for couples travelling together.

Watchhouse Cottage - Luxury Accommodation, Tasmania

Luxury accommodation: Hadspen Tasmania

This is the sort of place that makes you feel really comfortable. And I’m not just referring to the expected inclusions of luxury, boutique accommodation. Fluffy white bathrobes are very nice, that’s true. But Watchhouse Cottage has been generously decorated with some of the stunning artworks and antiques owned by proprietor Lydia Nettlefold. You get the distinct sense you’ve been invited into someone’s home, rather than a hotel.

Watchhouse Cottage - Antique Sign

Watchhouse Cottage: Red Feather Inn

Capturing the Essence: Watchhouse Cottage

Usually, if I take enough photos, one or two of them manage to capture how I’d like to portray something. They help to show a place exactly how it was when I was there in person. But over the weekend, I found myself wondering if any words or photos could do the Watchhouse Cottage justice. In all honesty, you need to see this place for yourself to completely understand.

Watchhouse Cottage - Hadspen near Launceston

The master bedroom: Watchhouse Cottage

Usually, I’m the sort of person that tries to maximise the experiences covered in a day. Drive somewhere, unpack the bags, head out to explore the region. That’s me! But the next time I stay at Watchhouse Cottage (or any of the other gorgeous suites at Red Feather Inn) I’ll be planning on leaving the plans at home. This cosy escape has relax and unwind written all over it.

Think Tasmania stayed as guests of Red Feather Inn. There are more photos of Watchhouse Cottage on the Red Feather Inn Facebook page.

Map: Red Feather Inn, Hadspen Tasmania…

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