by Mike Fry

At 7.20am this morning, The Eagle towed 145 water skiers into the record books. They set a new world record for the number of water skiers towed behind a single vessel.

Water Skiers - World Record

Water skiers towed behind The Eagle in Strahan

Powerful Tasmanian Eagle

This was a picture perfect morning with a clear sky and glassy waters on Macquarie Harbour as The Eagle slowly pushed the throttles forward. World Heritage Cruises own and operate The Eagle which is the only vessel in Tasmania capable of pulling this amount of water skiers. Even then they had to fit special propellers to provide enough power to lift the 154 skiers that started off.

Water Skiers - The Eagle

The Eagle owned by World Heritage Cruises

Water Skiers - Macquarie Harbour

Water skiers settle behind The Eagle: Macquarie Harbour

Eyes of the World: Record Set in Strahan

The water skiers gripped their tows and braced themselves for the ride of their lives. And they managed to break their own record of 114 skiers set two years ago at Strahan. There was a mighty cheer as the helicopters buzzed overhead. Many people around the world were able to watch the water skiers breaking the record live by logging on to Strahan’s live webcam.

Water Skiers - Strahan

Water skiers: set the new world record, in Strahan

Water Skiers - West Coast Tasmania

West coast Tasmania: pristine conditions, new world record

145 Water Skiers: West Coast Tasmania

After one nautical mile 145 water skiers were still standing and a new world record was created. Today, in the early morning, on a pristine day on the west coast of Tasmania.

Mike Fry represents tourism group Discover Strahan and Carolyn Nissen is the chairperson of Tasmania’s West Coast tourism organisation. Together they are owners and hosts of Ormiston House Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Strahan. Article and photos were provided to Think Tasmania by Mike Fry.

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Map: Water Skiers World Record, Strahan Tasmania

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