If we were conducting a poll for the best waterfall in Tasmania, which one would get your vote? It’s a tough question, but one that needed to be asked. We tackle all the big issues here at Think Tasmania, so we opened the door to reader opinion about waterfalls in the latest of our Best in Tassie Challenges.

O'Grady Falls – Mt Wellington – Leverett Photography 2012

Posted by Cam Blake Photography on Friday, February 17, 2012


Best Waterfall in Tasmania: What do You Think?

It’s clearly a popular topic. Cameron Blake joined the conversation straight away, claiming to be well qualified to comment on a good waterfall in Tasmania. We’d have to agree, actually. Cameron conducted the Tasmanian waterfalls campaign covering one a week for 52 weeks and shared a fabulous collection of images on Facebook. For the record, Cameron’s all-time favourite is Montezuma Falls: “simply amazing”.

Dave agreed that Cameron was “very well qualified in Tassie’s waterfalls”, but Brett Chatwin chimed in to cast a shadow of doubt over Cameron’s expertise. We’re sure it was all in jest though… Tasmanian photographers tend to stick together and support each other. He suggested Cam Falls should have got the nod from Cameron. Brett also said “seriously that is such a hard question as we have so many beautiful waterfalls. Montezuma, Liffey, Chasm, Dip, Champagne, Bridal Veil, Quaile, St Columbia, Ralph, Sanderson, Meander, Split Rock, Lillydale, Wandle and that’s just a few off the top of my head I have photographed. My choice is the little known McGowan Falls, a 60m drop, closely followed by Liffey. There’s just something magical about Liffey Falls.”

Waterfall in Tasmania - Liffey Falls State Reserve

Liffey waterfall: Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Montezuma Falls Takes the Early Lead

Quite a detailed list there from Brett. Roger Findlay agreed with Cameron, anointing Montezuma as the best waterfall in Tasmania. Two Chicks & A Tassie Campervan Adventure voted for Montezuma Falls, saying it was lovely! Angeline also went with Montezuma, but qualified her vote revealing she hadn’t seen them all yet. Kelly reckons Montezuma Falls in fantastic, and Eddie also gave it the thumbs up. Hilary joined the same chorus, describing her nomination as “a west coast thing”.

When it comes to naming the best waterfall in Tasmania, avid follower Susan knows a thing or two. She also thought it was a tough question, but eventually named Montezuma Falls. “I think for sheer ‘are we there yet?’ and then seeing the end result would have to be the best for me. Plus standing on the suspension bridge in front of it is amazing but just a little bit scary.” Thanks for the extra snippet of information, Susan and for also adding Dip Falls and Liffey Falls to the equation. If the walk was longer to get to the beautiful Russell Falls, it may have taken the number one place in her assessment.

Waterfall in Tasmania - Russell Falls, Mt Field National Park

Russell Falls, Mt Field National Park (photo by Dan Fellow)

Lockwood Falls Could be a Contender

We know Carol Haberle is an expert in all things Tasmanian, and Montezuma Falls came a close second in her assessment. A little known waterfall called Lockwood Falls, “a magic world beneath a canopy of rainforest” is the best waterfall in Tasmania in her eyes. We’ll have to twist the arm of our local guru and see if she’ll pop over with her camera to her favourite waterfall one day (when she’s feeling better).

We said as much on Facebook, and Brett returned to the conversation, asking Carol to share her knowledge about the location of Lockwood Falls, as he’d not been able to track it down. Of course Carol agreed to guide the way; Brett offered to drive and they made a “date”. Maybe we’re in the wrong business… internet dating, anyone? Kev needn’t worry though, because Jeff Crowe (another local photographer) offered to chaperone Carol and Brett on the trip to discover the hidden gem.

Waterfall in Tasmania - Carol Haberle

Guide Falls: Ridgely Tasmania (photo by Kevin Haberle)

With Angeline also wanting to know how to get to Lockwood Falls, Carol might need to organise a tour bus! When that happens, we might have to reassess the verdict on the best waterfall in Tasmania, if Carol can convert everyone to Lockwood Falls.

Waterfall in Tasmania - Lockwood Creek Falls

Lockwood Creek Falls (photo by Carol Haberle)

Jeff currently has no doubt that Dip Falls is best, a sentiment shared by Emma.

Waterfall in Tasmania - Dip Falls

Dip Falls: waterfall in Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Annette nominated St Columba Falls at Pyengana and Richard agreed, saying it was one of his favourite painting subjects. Kay thought Nelson Falls would get her vote, while Lisa asked if the photo we shared on Facebook was taken at Guide Falls. She’s a Ridgley girl, so she was hoping she was right… and she was. We’ve published some beautiful images and an article about Guide Falls Reserve, written by our very own “Ridgley girl”.

Waterfall in Tasmania - Guide Falls

Guide Falls (photos by Carol Haberle)

Liffey Falls Comes Into the Picture

Wayne and Julie Cartwright have made a lot of trips to Tassie, so we value their opinion. Liffey would be the best waterfall in Tasmania, according to them. Marilyn, Angela and Megan all backed up that view. Julieanne confessed she was biased about Liffey Falls because her Dad’s family settled in the area many years ago. It is a beautiful spot, so that bias is warranted. Mike Fry, our correspondent from Strahan on the west coast has written about Liffey Falls for Think Tasmania.

Waterfall in Tasmania - Liffey River

Liffey Falls State Reserve (photo by Mike Fry)

Dean Rowe from D & J Photography in Ulverstone let his camera do the talking. He provided a stunning image from Liffey Falls State Reserve for all our readers to enjoy.

Liffey Falls State Reserve is nestled within cool temperate rainforest on the slopes of the Great Western Tiers. Framed…

Posted by D&J Photography on Sunday, April 14, 2013


Russell Falls and Horseshoe Falls Join the Race

Rodney moved the focus to Mt Field National Park in the Derwent Valley. Without a doubt the best waterfall in Tasmania, and the most well known and photographed, he declared. Annette agreed, while the accessibility of Russell Falls made it a winner in Janine’s eyes.

Rachel put her Waterfalls Cafe Mt Field National Park hat on, and brought the numbers up for Russell Falls. “It still amazes me every time I get up there.” Otherwise, she might have suggested Horseshoe Falls, but since they’re both at Mt Field, visitors can see both options in one day trip from Hobart.

Waterfall in Tasmania - Russell Falls Walk

Russell Falls: Mt Field National Park

Carl, aka The Beach Dweller offered an image to share with our readers, of Russell Falls at Mt Field National Park. Taken from a very different angle, he remained on location for more than three hours, waiting for the light to change. Now that’s dedication for you! Pop over to our Facebook page to see that submission or go straight to Carl’s page (linked).

Even Field: Best Waterfall in Tasmania

Many readers found it hard to limit the best waterfall in Tasmania to just one.

  • Murray said they were all beautiful within their own environment.
  • Beverley thought it was a very hard one to judge, many of them had great aspects… Liffey falls, Horseshoe Falls, Pelverata Falls, Snug Falls just to name a few!
  • Mireille had looked at all the photos from Think Tasmania and decided to go back over them again… “very beautiful images by Dan Fellow“.
  • Laurie found it too tough to call, not having seen a bad one yet.
  • Wendy loved Liffey Falls; said the St Columba Falls were beautiful and remembered Forth Falls in all their splendor. She too, had never seen a waterfall in Tasmania that she wasn’t “entranced by”.

The original photo and question was posted on Facebook back in December 2012. Yes, I’m really sorry… in a perfect world I would have published all these results way, way sooner. There’s just so much material to get through, and I’m trying my level best to catch everything up to date now. It takes an insane amount of time to compile all these stories and keep the SS Think Tasmania afloat; but we’re committed to making that happen. 100%. Better late than never, hey?

Our Blessing to the Happy Couple

To finish on a really wonderful note, we received a forum question a while back from Hannah. She wanted to holiday in either Victoria or Tasmania with her partner Jason, and wondered if our readers could suggest any worthy waterfalls in Tasmania to “pop the question”. Luckily our combined efforts persuaded Hannah to choose Tassie as the destination. From all the suggestions given, Hannah chose Liffey Falls. The gorgeous scenery filled the bill, and now Jason is her adoring fiancé.

We hope the happy couple return to marry in Tasmania. Wouldn’t that make for another amazing story? We keep saying… one story leads to another, and another!

All relevant and reasonable opinions are welcome in Think Tasmania discussions. The submission of topic ideas for future Best in Tassie Challenges from readers and interested parties will also be considered.