A Waterfall a Week – 52 Waterfalls is a current project by Cameron Blake of Leverett Photography. You may have noticed the campaign on Facebook? We’ve been following his progress with great interest, and Cameron has agreed to share with us the idea behind the campaign and some of his stunning images.

Waterfalls - Leverett Photography

Waterfall A Week – 52 Waterfalls (photos by Cameron Blake)

A Waterfall A Week – 52 Waterfalls

by Cameron Blake

My wife and I recently moved to Hobart, Tasmania after many years of deliberation. Being a professional photographer I couldn’t think of a better place to set up camp to capture the natural beauty of Tasmania. Once I was settled, I decided to set myself a challenge for 2012; a challenge that will promote the wild beauty and mystery of the island.

The challenge I set myself is now named “A Waterfall a Week – 52 Waterfalls”. For every week of 2012 I will challenge myself to capture and promote 52 of the most wonderful waterfalls in Tasmania.

Waterfalls - Tasmania

Waterfalls: Tasmania (photo by Cameron Blake)

Leverett Photography: Waterfalls Around Hobart

The weeks started off with some nice summer weather throughout the Hobart area. I decided that to capture a waterfall a week, it was best if I started off close to home. Capturing the Hobart area is simply amazing and easily completed. Hobart has so many beauties hidden right on her doorstep with numerous waterfalls within a short drive or walk.

Waterfalls - Photography in Tasmania

Tasmanian waterfalls (photos by Leverett Photography)

Cameron Blake Shares Secret Waterfalls

Some of the 52 waterfalls are the usual tourist favorites; but I have managed to come across some of the lesser-known falls. I love to hike and get out into the wilderness and this challenge is surely helping me feel like a local around the southern Tasmanian wilderness. To date I am confident that I will find the 52 waterfalls and complete a waterfall a week.

Waterfalls - Tourist Favourites

52 waterfalls (photo by Cameron Blake)

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