Do yourself a favour and try the balsamic EVOO from Wattle Hill Olives. We love it to bits. We first tried the orange version while sampling all that seafood in St Helens

Wattle Hill Olives - Seafood and Salad

Fresh seafood with salad: Wattle Hill dressing

Oils and More: Wattle Hill Olives

We were sad to learn the orange balsamic dipping sauce and salad dressing from Wattle Hill Olives will soon be missing from the supermarket shelves. Apparently it didn’t mix properly… that’s according to Veronica and George Tahu, the business owners. We thought it mixed just fine, given a damn good shake. Especially once the bottle had been partly consumed. Anyway… we’ve recovered from that temporary setback, because we’ve now tried the strawberry balsamic dipping sauce and salad dressing, and that’s equally good. Problem solved. Our salads will henceforth be dressed beautifully with strawberry-flavoured oil, thanks to Wattle Hill Olives. And the natural olives with garlic and chilli aren’t half bad either. It’s hard to find premium olives that aren’t packed into an oil blend (which is marketing speak for the “watering-down” of olive oil with cheaper oils, such as canola). But we know where to find Wattle Hill Olives… they hail from Latrobe in north west Tasmania, but fortnightly visit Farm Gate Market in Bathurst Street, Hobart.

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Wattle Hill Olives - Oil and Balsamic Dressing

Natural olives and orange dipping sauce

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