We only publish articles written from first-hand experience. You know that, right? Well we’ve had to make an exception this time, because unless we were willing to swing by Korea in our lunch hour last week, there’s no way we could have seen this. But we still want you to know about it. For the very first time in Tassie, Theatre Royal are hosting We Built This City, an event that sounds truly amazing.

We Built This City - World-Wide Audience

We Built This City (photo supplied)

Theatre Royal: We Built This City

Ok then, what’s so exciting that we have to bend the rules just a little? Have you and your kids or grand-kids ever played with a cardboard box and had a lot of fun? Well imagine that fun on a massive scale, with a normally vacant block suddenly filled with cardboard boxes. Now that’s exciting! And it’s totally free for everyone to join in.

Theatre Royal, in conjunction with their major community gift partner, MyState held the media launch for “We Built This City” last Tuesday. Just as we use our kids as crash test dummies, the organisers invited students from Campbell Street Primary School to join them. The launch was a resounding success, and the kids all loved the experience.

Look Out for Boxee in Hobart

If you’re in Hobart between now and the event (10-11 November), you might just meet a boxee. Boxee is the event mascot for “We Built This City”. He’s located in the foyer of Theatre Royal and stands about 170cm tall. Some of his friends are dotted around the city… slightly smaller versions of the cardboard box mascot.

We Built This City - Boxee

Boxee, the mascot for “We Built This City” (photo supplied)

The company that stages the event is world renowned. They’ve been travelling and presenting “We Built This City” to audiences worldwide to great acclaim. And now they’re on the way here for Tasmanians to appreciate and enjoy the show. Thesspina Donopoulos, Marketing & Business Development Coordinator for Theatre Royal promises the free event will be “a lot of fun and something completely new for Hobart”.

Fun For All The Family

Designed to be interactive, kids and their parents join together to build an imaginary city from cardboard boxes, and then knock it all down. And then build it again! It’s suitable for all ages, but in particular kids aged between two and twelve.

“We Built This City” will be staged outside, next door to Theatre Royal in Campbell Street, Hobart. You don’t need a ticket, you just go along at one of the specified times. Each session lasts about two hours, and there will be artists on hand to facilitate the project.

For session times or more information, visit the Tasmanian web page: “We Built This City” or contact Theatre Royal on (03) 6233 5950. Information and images provided by Thesspina Donopoulos for Theatre Royal, Hobart.

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