Think Tasmania’s website reached a new milestone a while back: 1,000,000 views. You know I like words and pictures way more than numbers, but it’s still a very nice achievement to have under our belt, and we thank all our readers profusely. You’ve stuck with us through thick and thin, and we really do appreciate your company.

Think Tasmania Website: Thanks

We love what we do here, though to be totally honest, we have had momentary lapses of concentration. We were severely jolted by the loss of Carol, as were many other people. We’d also be naive not to occasionally question the long-term feasibility of Think Tasmania as a business. We do realise, with Gavin’s ICT credentials, there are considerably more-profitable avenues to follow. Besides paid work, volunteering is an integral part of our routine. If we had more free time to allocate, that’s where we’d spend it; as volunteers for community and charitable causes.

So what keeps us on track and dedicated to this mission we’ve set ourselves? It’s you, our wonderful readers! Without fail, in times of uncertainty, we’ll get a thank-you note from a reader just in the nick of time, making everything seem worthwhile; renewing our resolve to forge ahead. Luckily, positive feedback is very frequent. Any doubts about continuing Think Tasmania have been ever-so-fleeting. So again, we say thank you!

Basic Grassroots. That’s Us!

People are regularly telling us they decided to visit the state “thanks to Think Tasmania”; or they’ve planned a Tasmanian holiday using our suggestions to map-out a great itinerary. Others acknowledge our photos as the inspiration to move to Tasmania “sooner rather than later”. Really flattering messages come from readers who tell us Think Tasmania is the best source of information they’ve found. Honestly, you are too kind.

Of course, it does depend what sort of information you’re looking for, and “the best” is a subjective opinion. There’s lots of advertising material out there,  and some people might prefer more polished prose than what we provide. We’ve been defined as “grassroots” and we kinda like that term. It’s probably appropriate for us… we’re pretty basic people. The first-hand experience has always been our favoured angle, and we don’t see any reason why we should stop that delivery. Do you?

A never-ending supply of subject matter… that’s what makes Tassie so perfect in the first place. Sometimes it is the big-ticket, well-known tourism attraction that makes the best story; sometimes it’s the locals you meet on the road-less-travelled. We’ve apparently managed to feature little gems and products that followers have never heard of before. We’ll never grow tired of seeking out new and interesting material.

Website - Gardens in Tasmania

Thanks: Think Tasmania website followers

Information About All Things Tasmanian

Up front, we publish articles about all things Tasmanian, providing information for readers. That has always been (and will forever remain) a totally free service. We decide independently what makes a good subject. To enhance the conversation in our community, the website is supported by various social media channels. With new subscribers joining us all the time, it’s probably timely to reiterate what we actually do behind the scenes here at Think Tasmania.

Website - Heritage Shacks

Behind the scenes: Think Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Just like everyone else on the planet, we need to pay those pesky old bills somehow. They just keep coming, don’t they? It would be nice to share the love about Tasmania all day, every day, and just pluck the money-tree in the backyard whenever the family needs cash. But the world doesn’t work like that; so we allocate some of our time to generating income. This is an overview of our business, in a nutshell.

Think Tasmania Members Directory

Local businesses and events are promoted via Think Tasmania for a teeny-tiny annual fee. The income won’t fund a luxurious retirement by any stretch, but it does help to pay the website’s hosting fees and other random overheads.

As a thank-you for their support, this is what we offer each registered member…

  • mentions via the website, email newsletter and all our social media channels.
  • the website’s directory section lists members by business type, with the option of choosing up to five different categories. The listing shows a location on a map and includes up to five photos. Contact details include a phone number, website, Facebook and Twitter plus an email form.
  • topics for website articles are inspired by our membership list. Guest articles and photo essays are accepted for consideration if submitted by a registered member and published if approved, either via the website or social media.
  • unlimited give-aways and competitions are managed and promoted free of charge on behalf of registered Think Tasmania members who provide prizes for readers.
  • we prioritise invitations for famil visits by Think Tasmania writers and photographers whenever possible.
  • members receive coverage via our Facebook page (eg. sharing of selected posts; a rotation of feature pages; photo albums showcasing members; general photos and status mentions, timeline cover photos).
  • additional social media shares, mentions, photos and updates via other Think Tasmania avenues include Email Newsletter, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • an exclusive members-only website Notice Board shares snippets of news. Items may include (for example) a menu launch, special deal or sale, award wins, new employees, events, reminders, competitions or even just “hello, we’re still here” announcements. Members send us emails to briefly outline the details and we add their text and photos in date order, with the latest updates at the top of the page.
  • members making quality, Tasmanian-made products can also choose to upgrade to an individual, self-managed shop. Sales are free of commission; all the money goes straight to the merchant. 

Traffic stats are updated periodically, but Think Tasmania’s website currently attracts about 50,000 views per month. If you’re interested in joining as a member, you can apply online. To maintain the standards of information our readers expect and deserve, we assess every membership application on individual merit. Call us crazy, but we have rejected some potential paying customers as unsuitable.

Website - Anelda Lotter Photography

Top quality website (photo by Anelda Lotter)

Phone Apps, Software Development and IT Contracts

Gavin develops custom-designed phone apps for business owners. He’s also written several phone apps that can be adapted to suit individual requirements, including one specifically for clubs. All the details are supplied online, and we welcome new enquiries. Contact Gavin to discuss your ideas.

Website - Discover Strahan Phone App

Phone Apps: Gavin Horne, Think Tasmania

Without giving the entire game away, Think Tasmania is currently collaborating with a business colleague in the tourism industry. We’re almost bursting with excitement about the potential of the cutting-edge ICT project. But we’ll save the reveal for a later date!

Website - Secret Details

Think Tasmania projects (photo by Carol Haberle)

In his “spare” time, Gavin also manages ICT projects for various businesses, and accepts the odd contract here and there. He just loves to hang-out with fellow computer-geeks and keep his eye on the latest developments, so he doesn’t lose touch with the industry. He is a problem-solver from way back, and thrives on the challenge of system analysis and project management. There are various software programs floating around Tasmania and further afield with Gavin’s unique stamp on them… check out the RakData business software, developed in conjunction with Stewart Allwright from Stringlab. He’s very proud of that one!

Personally, I think he’s just keen to escape the ball-and-chain for a while! He’s currently working with the Department of Police and Emergency Management in Hobart, for example.

Website - Gavin from Think Tasmania

Gavin Horne: Think Tasmania IT, website development manager

We generally make a good pair, and thoroughly enjoy researching article content together. Gavin maintains the technical side of Think Tasmania’s website, and to balance the hectic work-schedule, I currently manage most of the writing, editing, publishing and all the affiliated social media channels. That includes liaising with members, and distributing interesting snippets of news for members.

In my “spare” time, I create social media content for clients (other business owners) as well. Those clients automatically become Think Tasmania members with all the associated benefits listed above, without additional cost. Although some clients choose to keep the relationship between Think Tasmania and their business on the down low, so they can pretend to be the master of their own Facebook pages. Which is perfectly fine by us!

Social Media Content Creation

If you’re wondering what content creation entails, essentially it involves researching and devising a variety of relevant and desirable information to share in a timely manner via social media. Business owners are (very) often fully occupied with core duties, and don’t have time to post pictures, website links, text and notices to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Consistently posting content is my core business activity, so I do have both the time and the opportunity when others may not.

Website - Coles Bay, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

Social media content for business (photo by Dan Fellow)

Like it or not, with the world-wide obsession for online communication, keeping up with social media content is considered an essential part of marketing. With a cross-section of Tasmanian clients, I can easily keep abreast of what’s happening in the community. Potential stories to share and pictures likely to generate attention practically jump off the computer screen and into my lap!

Conversing via social media doesn’t come naturally to many people. Luckily, I seem to have adapted to the medium like a duck to water. They do say everyone is good at something, and that must be my thing! I’m quite capable of maintaining an affable and incognito online persona on behalf of clients.

“Tania has a knack for developing relationships and communicating effectively, and knows how to avoid bombarding followers with the dreaded sales pitch”. That’s one of the nicest things a client has ever said about my work. I’m absolutely useless at public speaking, and I abhor being the centre of attention… but creating social media content is a breeze!

Website - Travel Tasmania

Social media content by Think Tasmania

We welcome new enquiries about social media content creation too. If you don’t have a Facebook page, that’s ok. We can set one up for you in a flash; it’s an extremely simple process and it’s all part of the ongoing service. We don’t charge anything extra to get you started. Contact Tania to make a plan.

While we’re laying the cards on the table here, can we take the opportunity to say thanks to our sponsors for their support too? Some members choose to “upgrade” in return for extra-prominent promotion via Think Tasmania, and we couldn’t manage without them. The income from Google advertising certainly wouldn’t keep us afloat for long, that’s for sure! Not when we have a pair of hungry teenage boys and a big dog to feed.

And that’s probably everything you need to know. Or is it? If you think there’s something we’ve neglected to tell you about the website, please ask away. We like to do the right thing by everyone; we’re nothing if not frank and honest about our business.

Website - Hobart Tasmania

Researching information: Tasmania website

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