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We work really hard to research, photograph and write articles about all things Tasmanian. Things you’ve always wanted to know about Australia’s holiday island state. And probably some things you didn’t even know existed.

Whether you’re visiting Tasmania or one of the locals, we’ll share stories and pictures showing just how beautiful Tassie can be. Tasmanians from Hobart, from Launceston and from every corner of this gorgeous island, are very lucky to have some of the best things on offer in Australia. And Think Tasmania wants to convince you of that fact too!

Think Tasmania - Table Cape Tulips

Tulips on Table Cape in full bloom (photo by Carol Haberle)

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Tasmanian Writers and Photographers

We live right here in Tasmania (permanently!) so we have hands-on experience. We visit the regions and towns to get the story and take the photos. And it’s a pleasure to share those articles and images with you. We hope you enjoy reading about Tassie as much as we enjoy living here.

Think Tasmania - Seafood Basket

Tasmanian seafood on the Hobart waterfront (photo by Anelda Lotter)

We’re not JUST about tourism, either. Some Tasmanian tourism icons are must-have inclusions for any respectable website about the southern-most state of Australia, so we’ll visit them and give you an honest opinion. We also aim to cover the less-commercial end of the scale: secret things only a local might know. We talk about Tasmania as a place to live, work, shop, rest and play for locals and visitors alike. And of course, if you’re thinking of moving to Tasmania, there’s plenty of helpful information right here on our website.

Tassie Highlights Featured by Think Tasmania

Think Tasmania - Wildlife Wombat

Wombat in a Tasmanian national park (photo by Dan Fellow)

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