With winter only a few months away, I thought it might be appropriate to let Think Tasmania readers see one of Carol’s photos titled West Coast Railway showing tracks almost covered in snow. Carol took this photo at 3:59pm on 16 August 2010. Unfortunately I don’t know anything further about the location of this railway. Does it still exist? What is its history? I hope your readers are able to fill the blanks ~ Greg Hale

West Coast Railway - Tasmania

West Coast Railway by Carol Haberle

Tasmania: West Coast Railway

Could this section of track form part of the West Coast Wilderness Railway? Or could it be from the Wee Georgie Wood Heritage Steam Railway? Carol covered both options in her writing and photography for Think Tasmania. It’s possibly a different railway altogether. Maybe you can recognise the location and add your information as a reply in the comments section below.

West Coast Railway - Strahan Tasmania

Railway: Regatta Point, Strahan (photo by Carol Haberle)

Wee Georgie Wood - Steam Train, Tullah Tasmania

Wee Georgie Wood, Tullah (photo by Carol Haberle)

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Tullah Tasmania: West Coast Wilderness

Railway - Wee Georgie Wood Train, Tullah

Wee Georgie Wood Steam Railway (photo by Carol Haberle)

Greg Hale is curating this series for Think Tasmania, featuring a monthly photo taken by Carol Haberle. Greg was a colleague, photography mentor and friend of Carol’s and we’re delighted to continue sharing her great work with her fans.

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