We’ve had the good fortune to visit Weston Farm on the northern outskirts of Hobart. Sally Legosz (our fellow member at Business East) invited the whole family to come and experience her latest Herbaceous Tours project. We had a very lovely time and we’re still chomping through all the fresh produce she gave us to sample.

Weston Farm - Chooks

Collect the eggs: Day on the Farm tour with Sally

Weston Farm: Fresh Produce Winner

I’m a farm girl from way back. My parents would laugh hysterically at that statement. As farm girls go, I wasn’t exactly an expert at tractor-driving, sheep-shearing or cow-milking. Can we just say I was raised on a farm, and leave it at that? I wanted to make this point though: an old, country bird like me thought Weston Farm was awesome. So imagine what city kids and Chinese tourists will think. I know… right?

Sally has been house-sitting for Richard and Belinda, the owners of Weston Farm. Richard won a 2012 Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarship, and is currently investigating the potential of a white asparagus harvest for the gourmet market. Apparently those from the restaurant fraternity in Tasmania are very keen on the unique product; a queue is already forming at the farm gate!

Richard Weston is quoted on the Nuffield website: “Weston Farm currently grows Chicory, Kohlrabi and Burdock, which already puts us in a niche market for fresh produce and white asparagus production would complement our operation well”.

Vegetable Patch and Farm Animals

We inspected several vegetable crops, including some grown in hot houses, protecting them from the harsh Tasmanian winter and extending their season. Magnificent chillies, carrots, turnips and green peas were thriving in amongst some other unidentified, green leafy stuff.

Weston Farm - Hot House

Weston Farm hot house

Weston Farm - Chillies

Chillies: Weston Farm

Weston Farm - Vegetables

Crops of vegetables: Weston Farm, Tasmania

The kids weren’t overly keen on tasting some of the aforementioned fresh green leaves from the garden; but they did enjoy meeting the animals. The big, fat pigs were friendly, if only looking for an extra scoop of grain.

Weston Farm - Pig

Weston Farm pig

Everything on Weston Farm is neat and attractive, including the chook shed. You can even collect the eggs from outside the fence and avoid the wrath of the rooster. Crack the eggs and be amazed by the colour of the yolks! The brightest yellow you could ever imagine.

Weston Farm - Gardens

Weston Farm: an absolute delight

Renaissance Olive Oil and Fresh Flowers

Everywhere there are signs of a diverse agricultural enterprise. Garlic plaits hang in the shed. An orchard produces olives for the award-winning Renaissance Olive Oil. And maybe the pièce de résistance, Weston Farm also grows peonies for the cut-flower market.

Weston Farm - Garlic

Garlic plaits: Weston Farm

The only way visitors can experience Weston Farm is by booking a day-trip with Herbaceous Tours. Sally caters for all ages on the nine-to-five adventure which kicks-off officially in June, and at this stage will run until September. For $395 per person, Sally will transport her guests to and from the farm and provide lunch as well as morning and afternoon tea.

Weston Farm - Olive Trees

Orchard: Renaissance Olive Oil

On the topic of lunch, visitors will have the chance to pick their own fresh Tasmanian produce straight from the ground. Weston Farm has a magnificent outdoor pizza oven surrounded by the beautiful, well-stocked and well-tended vegetable beds. Weather-permitting, that’s exactly where lunch will be served, in the very heart of the garden. Both Sally and Belinda are accomplished cooks, and will no doubt treat guests to a gourmet feast.

Weston Farm - Pizza Oven

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