Good question that! In fact, “what is Think Tasmania?” is a question owners Gavin and Tania get asked quite a lot. So here’s the answer!

What is Think Tasmania - Victoria Dock
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Victoria Dock: Think Tasmania

What is Think Tasmania: From the Beginning

Back in 2008, the Horne family set out to house-sit their way around Australia. Home-schooling, working on the road… the whole bit. Their first job was in Geeveston. They arrived, fell in love with the place, and soon decided to abandon the rest of the trip. They went home and had a huge garage sale. And with a suitcase each and a laptop to their name, they moved to Tasmania to live permanently.

What is Think Tasmania - Moving to Tasmania
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The Horne family moved to Tasmania

With the sea-change, they wanted to start a business together. Gavin is a qualified and experienced software developer. Tania’s paid work was in office administration, and she studied writing and basic digital imaging in her spare time. It seemed obvious (to them anyway!) that they should start a website. Their first mission was an intense research campaign to find an untapped, niche market. It had to be a topic they could relate to, that had a unique angle and the potential to inspire readers.

Inspiration, Ideas and Lots of Research

When they moved to Tasmania, mainstream media was rife with tales of woe: smaller operators in the state’s tourism industry weren’t getting enough attention, particularly in the regional areas. Bingo! That’s where they would direct their focus to begin with. Tania had already studied travel writing, so the next logical step was to study search engine optimisation and how best to generate internet traffic.

What is Think Tasmania - All Things Tasmanian
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Think Tasmania: Team Horne!

Gavin and Tania devised a long-term action plan that revolved around sustainable, organic traffic growth; rather than adopting some of the proposed quick-fix, ethically-debatable options. They knew if something was worth doing, it was worth doing right… especially considering the time it would take to get established. They also studied for a certificate in micro-business, which gave them great insight into that market.

Think Tasmania Team Effort

They began compiling articles about Tasmania using their personal, first-hand experiences. They included snapshots to verify the authenticity of their stories. Before long, Think Tasmania had a regular following. As new Tasmanians, they saw everything with fresh eyes. They loved their adopted home state and wrote from the heart. But the supply of material was more than they could handle on their own. Eventually, other writers and photographers with a similar mind-set started contributing articles and Think Tasmania evolved into the great team effort it is now.

With a constant, reliable flow of information to publish, it became clear that Gavin and Tania needed the power of social media to up the traffic ante. This would give the business owners they were writing about the best possible exposure. Another round of study was due! Rather than dilute their efforts over lots of channels, and possibly fail at them all, they chose Facebook for Think Tasmania to start with and gave it everything. As it turns out, that was another very fortunate decision. Since those very early days, they’ve increased the online exposure to include TwitterPinterestInstagram and an email newsletter as well.

Growth: Writers, Content and Traffic

With social media and extra writers on board, Think Tasmania started to incorporate information about other small-medium business owners. To truly represent “all things Tasmanian” they needed to include makers and growers; retailers, associations and the hospitality trade as well as the original tourism operators. Another increase in website traffic!

These days, Gavin and Tania share the knowledge they have gained about blogging, social media and digital imaging. They also manage the online presence for other business owners. An umbrella company named Think Network was launched, with the very apt slogan: making the net work for you!

Management of Social Media

So what is Think Tasmania in a nutshell? It’s is all about helping local business owners get noticed on the internet, where they might otherwise be just a drop in a very big ocean. Between them (and their wonderful team) Gavin and Tania have the perfect combination of skills for the job. And while others struggle with the time commitment, constant changes and nuances of social media, it’s all in a day’s work for them really!

Services Offered by Think Tasmania

The services offered by Think Tasmania include…

  • Advertising for members via Think Tasmania’s website and all social media channels
  • Sponsorship for business owners seeking a turbocharged version of membership
  • Social Media Content Management for posting of seriously great updates to your own  accounts
  • Online Shopping for a self-managed retail space on Think Tasmania’s website and free promotion
  • Mobile Website & App Development for exciting and unique promotion via smart phones

Articles written by Gavin

Articles written by Tania

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