So, you’d like to know what’s on for kids in Tasmania? Originally, this page was dedicated to a competition open to Tasmanian residents. The prizes were offered by locals, so we got involved to give those Tasmanian businesses some free publicity.

Great Responses from Great People

Here’s some lovely feedback we received from two of the business owners involved when we published the article

Thanks Tania! I’ll share your link around and your web page! Another awesome resource! ~ Michael Ah Mazing from Balloon Stuff

Hi Tania, thank you for letting me know. I have shared the link on a local community page in New Norfolk ~ Monique from Messpots

Now THAT sort of response makes all our articles (even the ones we write over the weekend) totally worthwhile. Sadly though, that particular opportunity to win prizes has now been and gone, never to be seen again!

So What’s On For Kids in Tasmania Then?

Obviously, if you’ve found this article, you’re still keen to know what’s on for kids in Tasmania. How about we share a few links to articles we’ve published that might just give you a few ideas?

Visit Tasmania - Royal Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens, Hobart

First up, if you read Things to Do in Tasmania ~Top Ten For Kids you’ll get not 10, but 19 suggestions! Contact details and photos are included in every article, as well as our reviews. Yes, that’s right… we’ve actually been to all the places listed, with kids in tow, to make sure the Tasmanian attractions are worthy of recommendation.

Hastings Caves - Thermal Springs Pool

Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs

We also have an index of Things to Do in Tasmania with all our relevant articles listed. Not just what’s on for kids, but what’s on for everyone! You be the judge of what’s suitable for your kids, depending on their ages and interests.

Adventure Cruise - Fast Yellow Boats

Bruny Island Cruises

Here’s a few articles we’ve added over the last few weeks that might be of interest to anyone asking the question, what’s on for kids?

  • Eye See Personalised Tours – let Judy help you decide and then drive you to places enjoyed by kids
  • The Honey Farm – a place in Chudleigh with treats as well as interesting exhibits, including live bees!
  • Chinese Heritage Walk – our kids loved walking through the bush finding sculptures and mushrooms
  • Pyengana Dairy – watch staff making cheese; check out the cows, then order a milkshake or an ice-cream

We could go on, but we’ll let you take in all this information first.  If you have a special request, just contact Think Tasmania. And of course, to stay up to date with new articles showcasing what’s on for kids in Tasmania, just subscribe to our free newsletter. You can’t go wrong!

January 2013 ~ We’ve just published another detailed article about things to do in Tasmania with kids, particularly in Hobart. Enjoy!

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