We’re fascinated by the Tasmanian region dubbed White Hills. On one of our regular Sunday drives, we ventured from our accommodation base in Launceston. We arrived, in a round-a-bout kind of fashion, in the gorgeous township of Evandale after stopping in Hadspen, Longford and Perth. On the return journey, we passed even more scenic countryside.

White Hills via Evandale Tasmania

We were particularly intrigued by a derelict building on the side of the road, and we took some photos*… of course! We shared one of those photos on Facebook recently in a “Where is This” game, and many readers were aware of the location. Some also volunteered additional information.

*Unfortunately our photos from the White Hills trip have since been zapped by the Internet and seemingly lost forever.

Nicole Pearce from Hawthorn Villa Stables in Carrick knew the building on Blessington Road well, stating it had been “right next to the old White Hills post office”.

Jaala Still from Bass Trap told us there had been a hall behind it for sale. Many others would love to see the heritage building with such character brought back to life. Someone with limitless funds, maybe?

Other than those few snippets, we have very little knowledge of the area. We’d love to hear from anyone with information to share about the scenic rural location. It’s less than 20kms from downtown Launceston, the capital of the Tamar Valley region in northern Tasmania, but the serene countryside could be miles from anywhere.

White Hills Estate

An Internet search was dominated by news of the acquisition of a vineyard. Local wine writer Graeme Phillips reported via the August 2013 issue of Brand Tasmania’s newsletter that “the world’s second-biggest listed wine company, Treasury Wine Estates, has bought the 116ha White Hills Estate in the Upper Tamar Valley. The producer of internationally acclaimed Penfolds Grange is the latest interstate company to invest in Tasmania.”

That’s all well and good, and it’s obviously big news, but we’d like to know more. Where are the namesake white hills, for instance? We paused at a narrow, one-way bridge to view the river flowing through a gap in some cliffs. Would that be the North Esk River or one of its tributaries? So many questions, and no answers in sight.

Many people probably have great stories to tell about White Hills. And we’d love to hear them.

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