“We think Wild Thing Adventures is the most fun you can have in 60 minutes!” That’s the claim made on the operator’s website for this tour, which departs from Brooke Street Pier in Hobart. It’s a pretty big statement, that… but of course we had to make up our own minds before adding their details to Think Tasmania. So we joined them for an hour, and here’s what we thought.

Wild Thing - Hobart Cruise

Wild Thing Adventures, Hobart

Wild Thing: One Hour of Fun

Straight up, the Wild Thing boat is definitely a fun way to travel, no doubt about that. It’s probably no surprise to anyone, because this is the revved-up sister act of the Peppermint Bay Cruise, another one of the great things to do in Tasmania. For anyone too chicken to take on the adventure (yes Tania, I’m talking to you!), you can buy a coffee at the Brooke Street Pier cafe and watch the world go by as you wait. Maybe hook into the free Hobart waterfront WiFi, even.

The MONA ferry office was a hive of activity next door, doing a roaring trade. Other tourists were keen to try the Bruny Island Adventure Cruise… so many options! But it wasn’t long before we were making our way aboard the bright red Wild Thing. After a quick safety talk, we were calmly making our way out into the Derwent River.

River Derwent: From Sailing to Speeding

We cruised along sedately for a few minutes. Our crew pointed out the finish line of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. That was very timely, because it was Boxing Day… the super-maxis were leaving New South Wales and would be arriving at this very spot in the blink of an eye.

We headed south of Hobart past the Wrest Point Casino in Sandy Bay, and it wasn’t long before the powerful engines were put to the test. Our group (four fellas) were stoked with the ride; they would have been happy to whip around doing 360’s at great speed all day. Also on board were a family with younger children, and they were all squealing with delight.

We stopped further south of Hobart for a closer inspection the famous river-side Alum Cliffs near the Taroona Shot Tower. Apparently, similar rock formations as those seen in this region are only found at a handful of locations around the world, Hobart being one of them. Another amazing feature so close to the capital city.

The crew were fantastic; not only did they zip us around in Wild Thing, they also gave us lots of information about the marine environment.

Alum cliffs, Unique Rocks… and a Special Performance!

We couldn’t have timed our Wild Thing Adventure any better. When we stopped to look at the steep rocks, there were some teenage boys at the top… wearing wetsuits. It looked like they were preparing to jump, and when we trained our cameras on them (and yelled some encouragement) they enjoyed putting on a show. The kids on the boat thought that was a pretty cool thing to do.

So in conclusion… do we think this is the most fun you can have in 60 minutes? In short, yep! It would be right up there with the best things to do in Tasmania with kids especially. It’s now several weeks down the track, and they’re still raving about how awesome it was. And now there’s another item on our list of things to do when visitors come to town.

It costs $39 (at the time of writing) for an exhilarating hour’s entertainment aboard Wild Thing Adventures. For more information phone 1300 137 919. You can also follow Peppermint Bay on Facebook.

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Map: Wild Thing Adventures, Hobart Tasmania

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