Wilmot Hills Vineyard is a boutique winery and distillery positioned perfectly in the middle of the green rolling hills of the Wilmot Valley in north west Tasmania.

Wilmot Hills Vineyard - Tasmania

Wilmot Hills Vineyard: north west Tasmania

Wilmot Hills Vineyard

by Michelle Kneipp Pegler

Business owners John and Ruth Cole established this delightful vineyard in 1991 with commercial sales of their products starting in 1997. Their product range contains distinctive blends exclusive to the area. They produce a variety of white and red table wines, ciders, fruit wines and spirits.

Wilmot Hills Vineyard is popular with local and interstate visitors because it’s close to Devonport, Lake Barrington, Sheffield and Cradle Mountain. It has a fabulous cellar door where tastings of their award-winning wines and spirits are on offer. And the views across to Mount Roland are some of the most picturesque in the region.

John and Ruth Cole: Making Tasmanian Wine

Winemaker and owner John has engineered the wine-making equipment used to make their wonderful products. John also designed the colourful, standout labels on the bottles and they are really arty.

The wines, ciders and spirits make great mementos of a Tasmanian holiday and come in gift packs as well. With Wilmot Hills Vineyard being so close to many great picnic spots in the region, all with fantastic views, it might be a good idea to call in and grab a bottle for a picnic.

Organic Fruit Wines and Spirits

Wilmot Hills Vineyard table wines include: Pinot Noir, Highland White, Alfresco Red and Apple Cider. The fruit wines were my personal favourite, made from organic fruit grown on the property and include: Raspberry Wine, Cherry Blossom, Blackberry Wine, Mountain Berry Wine, Cherry Wine and Spring (Elderflower with a white grape base).

There’s an interesting and extensive spirit range as well, such as: Pomadoros (Traditional Calvados), Kirsch, Grappa, Gin, Raspberry Schnapps, Brandy Cream, Absinthe and Basilico.

When and Where: Wilmot Hills Vineyard

Wilmot Hills Vineyard is open six days from 10:00am (closed on Wednesdays). To plan a trip in advance, phone (03) 64921 193 or email John and Ruth Cole to confirm opening hours. We are very lucky here in Tasmania to have so many wonderful wine and foodie stops en route to all the popular tourist destinations. It’s well worth a visit to this great little winery and it works in well if you are doing a day trip to the Wilmot and Sheffield areas.

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