by Len Langan

A special event awaits those who wish to capture the adventure and romance of the days of sail and who happen to be in Hobart on Australia Day on Sunday 26th or Monday 27th of January this year.

Windeward Bound - Tall Ships

*Tasmanian Windeward Bound: Australian Wooden Boat Festival

*Image Credit: Tall Ships Hobart 2013. Permission to republish granted by Daryl Poobles (Media and Communications Manager, Australian Wooden Boat Festival, Inc.) For more details phone 0418 972 420.

Windeward Bound Sailing From Hobart

The “Windeward Bound” will make two special sailings on these days setting out at 1.00pm and returning at 4.00pm. Imagine three hours in which to capture the romance of our early settlement through contact, sight and sound. The crew will be dressed in colonial costume and cordially invites passengers to do likewise. A prize will be offered to the “best dressed’ on each day.

The “Windeward Bound” is close to the size of the First Fleet’s “Friendship”

Windeward Bound - Seafarers Festival, Bellerive

The Windeward Bound: Seafarers Festival, Bellerive

Bookings are essential. Cost $80.00 per head ($35.00 age 5 to 12, under 5’s free.) Telephone 0418 120 243 or email Windeward Bound. For more information visit the Windeward Bound website.

Windeward Bound - Hobart Sailing

Windeward Bound: sailing Hobart, Australia Day

Have you ever spent an Australia Day time travelling? Why not?

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