On our way to Queenstown from Hobart, we stopped very briefly in New Norfolk and admired the fountain and flowers in Arthur Square. We tried to summon some enthusiasm for morning tea; but it was still early, so we decided to press on to Hamilton for our first coffee break. We did stop again beforehand though, at Windsor Corner. And we were blessed with an unexpected sighting.

Windsor Corner via New Norfolk

Windsor Corner via New Norfolk

EDIT: Just to punish us for boasting about our platypus sighting… all our photos have been zapped by the Internet Gremlins. Does that ever happen to you? We will attempt to restore the pictures at a later date, when we have a second to spare. How annoying! Do you believe we DID see a platypus at Windsor Corner?

Windsor Corner via New Norfolk

Hopefully one of our readers will be able to confirm the name of this place. We call it Windsor Corner, but it may actually be Windsor’s Corner, or even something else? There’s an all-abilities fishing platform on the Derwent River at a car-parking spot near Hayes, a few kms west of New Norfolk on the Lyell Highway.

While the name Windsor Corner may be up for debate, our exciting sighting is not. We saw a real live platypus in the wild, for the very first time in Tasmania! We’ve coveted the elusive platypus and travelled to many well-known haunts in the hope of catching a glimpse. Until this occasion, nada. But now that’s all changed. The mobile phone photos aren’t too flash, but Gavin did take a lovely video… our proof, if you like!

The platypus popped up right in front of us, as we were looking towards the small rapids downstream. Then it casually paddled across, dipping underneath the surface occasionally, until it reached a pile of logs on the bank of the Derwent River and disappeared from view. Amazing!

Hunting for a Platypus

Previously, we’ve followed all the suggested rules for platypus hunting. You know what the experts say… dusk is the time; keep quiet and still. All that.

This time, as you can see from the photos, we arrived at the location in full sunlight, mid-morning. We were not quiet at all… rather the opposite in fact. We chatted raucously all the way from the car-park to the viewing platform, and we stomped down the ramp with gay abandon. The clever platypus had chosen a very serene place to reside though, with beautiful reflections in every direction.

If you arrive at Windsor Corner and the platypus doesn’t cooperate, maybe venture along to Mt Field National Park, also in the picturesque Derwent Valley. Rachel from Waterfalls Cafe often shares images of wildlife on Facebook, so you could get your nature fix there.

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