Our stay at Gardener’s Cottage near Cygnet was a wake-up call. It was just so easy! Drive 45 minutes from Hobart, and enjoy a completely relaxing winter getaway. Why don’t we do that more often?

Winter Getaway - Gardener's Cottage

Book a winter getaway in Tasmania

Winter Getaway in Tasmania

When we travel, there’s an expectation to fill our days with activity. We can’t waste a minute lest we miss a chance to discover material for the website. That’s okay, it’s our job! But what if we had the luxury of taking a day off, just every now and then? In a perfect world, our winter getaway would go something like this.

We’d throw a toothbrush, pyjamas and some clean undies in a bag, along with a coat, beanie, some warm gloves and a winter scarf. We’d book a place only an hour or two from Hobart, to start and finish the adventure with just a short drive. That gives a very broad scope in terms of accommodation properties, regardless of budget (and the same goes from wherever you might live in Tasmania).

Winter Getaway - Wood Fire

Wood fire: perfect for a winter getaway

For our winter getaway, we’d choose a homely abode complete with board games, books, movies and music. That’s if the kids were travelling with us. If there was a child-free weekend on the agenda, we’d maybe stick with the books, but also grab a bottle of wine and a Tasmanian cheese platter en route.

Winter Getaway - Couches

Snuggle up with a rug on the couch

Warm and Toasty

Upon arrival, we’d stoke up the heating… a raging fire would be very nice indeed. After a long soak in a hot bath (with bubbles, of course) we’d don our pyjamas and settle down on the couch. After a couple of rounds of Sequence, we’d load up the DVD and dish out some snacks. The kids would soon forget about the PS3 and the WiFi connection they’d left behind; because chocolate is amazingly hypnotising.

Winter Getaway - Board Games

Friendly family rivalry: game of Sequence

Winter Getaway - DVD & Snacks

Winter getaway: watch a DVD, few snacks

Dinner would be fuss-free. And definitely prepared by someone else. No dishes for us on this winter getaway! Burgers probably, knowing the taste of the kids. Or fish and chips, even. Anything from the selection of take-away options would be perfectly fine.

Winter Getaway - Hamburgers

Biggest burgers ever: Devour (Cygnet)

A Good Night’s Sleep

The place we’d book would have good beds, with quality linen, electric blankets and big, snuggly quilts. Somewhere cosy, to retreat with a book, instead of watching the footy on TV. And quiet. We really love quiet. Cows mooing and birds chirping… that makes such a pleasant change from traffic noise.

Winter Getaway - Good Linen, Electric Blanket

Winter getaway: Gardener’s Cottage, Cygnet

Our really lovely hosts would throw a late checkout into the bargain. Booking a winter getaway as opposed to one in high season gives the provider more leeway. A sleep-in, what bliss! A shower, with time to condition your hair and shave your legs; not the usual run-through morning splash. And the towels would be heated… now we’re talking!

Winter Getaway - Hot Bath

Long soak in a hot bath, with bubbles

Bed and Breakfast

Breakfast. Yes, breakfast would need to be provided in our room. Some scrumptious sourdough bread, with butter and a pot of raspberry jam. And fresh coffee. Imagine the whole family sitting around the breakfast table, all at the same time. There would be talking and laughing and a relaxed conversation, maybe planning the day ahead.

Winter Getaway - Coffee, Toast and Jam

Bed and breakfast: coffee machine, fresh sourdough

For us, this would be a great way to reconnect with the family. Life can be so busy, with school and work and sport. Forever rushing from one appointment to the next, checking rosters and comparing diaries. No doubt loved-up couples would enjoy some quiet-time equally as much. Or a weekend to catch-up with the girls to share a few giggles and a bit of gossip, perhaps?

The Journey

At check-out time, we’d pile into the car and have the usual debate about whose iPod should replace the radio. Then we’d drive to the nearest beach or national park, and walk in the cool, fresh air. We’d no doubt explore the local town and region; visit a cafe or a winery, or just take in the scenery on a leisurely drive towards home.

Winter Getaway - Beach

Take a beach walk during winter

Winter Getaway - Cafe

Great food in Cygnet: Lotus Eaters Cafe

Arriving home at sunset, we’d rejoice. There wouldn’t be a pile of washing to unload from the suitcases. The only thing to unpack would be the goodies we’d found at the many roadside stalls. We’d possibly have a few souvenirs from the local market too.

Winter Getaway - Huon Valley Apples

Juicy Huon Valley apples

Of course, if we’d been really clever, we’d have organised the fairies to come in, and they’d have done the lawns, the vacuuming and washed all the windows over the weekend. So… the chores are still there waiting, we admit that. But after such a beautiful winter getaway, we’d feel so refreshed we’d tackle them with gusto.

And the kids would even offer to help, because they’d be so happy, having spent such quality time with their parents. Okay, so now this winter getaway dream has morphed into a fantasy. But it sounds good hey?

Gardener’s Cottage: Cygnet

If you’re loving the sound of this winter getaway, give Daniel and Harmonie a call at Gardener’s Cottage. They offer pet friendly accommodation near Cygnet, and they’d love to hear from you. At any time of the year in fact! And if you’d like Think Tasmania to visit you, experience what you offer your guests and then share with all our readers, please contact us and we’ll have a chat.

Winter Getaway - Gardener's Cottage, Cygnet

Gardener’s Cottage near Cygnet, Tasmania

We stayed as guests courtesy of Gardener’s Cottage at 1014 Woodbridge Hill Road in Gardners Bay (near Cygnet). You can contact Daniel and Harmonie by phone on 0405 799 604 or email to book a winter getaway in the Huon Valley south of Hobart. Follow Gardener’s Cottage on Facebook.

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