We’d like to officially welcome The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel as a sponsor for the month of July. Some of you have already been introduced via our Facebook page. Now there’s no denying it: this is an official arrangement, as with all our sponsors. We’ll be promoting and celebrating what this local business has to offer with all our readers. But sponsorship of Think Tasmania by the Woolstore also enables the continued research of articles and photos from all over Tasmania, so we thank them for their assistance with our work. And by supporting our sponsors, you are indirectly supporting Think Tasmania… so we thank you too!

Woolstore - Apartment Hotel Hobart

The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel, Hobart (photo supplied)

The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel in Hobart

We’re very excited to be working with the iconic accommodation property in Hobart, but this is also very new news! We haven’t even had the chance to visit yet, or take any photos. Of course, we’ll be making our way to The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel as soon as possible and sharing the experience with you when that happens.

We do know a little about the apartment hotel, through our association with Tennis Tasmania. The elite female players who play in Tassie at the Moorilla Hobart International each year choose to stay at this very property.

Woolstore - Moorilla Hobart International

Jarmila Gajdošová: Moorilla Hobart International

Stockmans Restaurant

So we’ll be staying overnight at The Old Woolstore some time during the month of July. We’ve also been closely following The Old Woolstore via Facebook. Whoever is posting the photos from Stockmans Restaurant has us convinced we need to eat there… and soon! But don’t take our word for it. Check the menu for Stockmans Restaurant and the Facebook images for yourself, and you’ll see what I mean.

Woolstore - Stockmans Restaurant

Stockmans Restaurant: The Old Woolstore (photo supplied)

We’ve been in touch with Kelly Luck from The Old Woolstore, and she has been friendly, welcoming and very professional to work with. We’re very happy to be aligned with an affordable property that offers a convenient CBD location. And when our readers come to Hobart, we want to recommend a place to stay with all the convenience, space and comfort of home without any compromise on quality.

We’ve heard there’s a great range of benefits to introduce to you. But rest assured, we’ll certainly be conducting very thorough research of the Woolstore, and reporting back on our own findings, as always.

For more information, visit The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel website. You can also follow The Old Woolstore on Facebook, or phone (03) 6235 5355 for bookings. You’ll find the accommodation at 1 Macquarie Street in Hobart.

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