World Party Hobart: we thought you might enjoy reading about this fabulous, inspirational event. Held at Princes Wharf over the weekend, we were very glad when Cassandra volunteered. She’s such a dedicated soul, given the 38C forecast. And this article shows just how far she’s willing to go to get the real story. Thanks a million CJ.

World Party - Hobart Heat Wave

Tasmanian heat: World Party Hobart (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

Celebrate: World Party Hobart

by Cassandra Wunsch

There are two types of Tasmanian: the kind that was born here, and the kind that moved here. At no time is the distinction more obvious than on one those rare 38 degree days that swoop down on unsuspecting Hobart occasionally. For those souls born here it’s a time of unbridled excitement! Bikinis and swimmers that only see the light of day once every two or three years are hurriedly unpacked. Young people by the score flock to beaches and lawns to lay about in the wonder of heat.

I belong to the second group. I was born in New South Wales where two weeks at the height of summer are spent in rapt contemplation of the ceiling fan, while you lay flat on your back on the floor, daring anyone to even think about touching you. I moved to Australia’s ice box to get away from that kind of thing!

Get this World Party Started in Hobart

In any event, it seemed there was more than enough enthusiasm to overcome the inevitable sluggishness that comes with intolerably warm days when it came to attending World Party Hobart. Hosted inside the Princes Wharf building on the water was a promising array of food stalls with some tantalising (if conflicting) odours to tempt the adventurous.

Of course before I could see any of this, I had to get in the front door. Outside on Parliament lawns, the local radio station 7HOFM (hold the giggles please mainlanders; I know, I laughed when I first moved here too) was hosting a fairly raucous display for the Kangaroos (North Melbourne AFL football club). Autographs were signed (and one or two chests from the looks of things!) and loads of free merchandise was handed out to star struck fans… in-between what I confess seemed to be a rather random ‘best-dressed’ competition. The fact that you can hold a random, unannounced best-dressed competition in Salamanca on any given Saturday says something about our city, though I couldn’t tell you exactly what.

World Party - 7HOFM Crowd

World Party Hobart (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

Taiko Drum Take Over the Crowd

Having managed to escape the boisterous man with the microphone, who showed an alarming interest in anyone with a camera and a notebook (you’d have thought I was a journo or something!) I still couldn’t get in the front door. Set up under the sun sails was a set of huge drums and a sign reading Taiko Drum. Once the drummers arrived, I found I couldn’t leave.

World Party - Taiko Drum

Taiko Drum: World Party (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

There was a surprising number of unique sounds and a lot of energetic yelling in time. The most incredible thing about the display was the two older ladies on the left hand side who were giving the young’uns a serious run for their money! I wasn’t the only one rooted to the spot either; to a steadily growing crowd the drummers performed a series of pieces which included some place changing and one set rearrangement.

UTAS: School of Asian Studies

Finally in the relative comfort of the pavilion I thought I was safe. This was a mistake. A gaggle of lovely ladies from the School of Asian Studies at UTAS made me an offer I couldn’t refuse!

World Party - Cassandra Wunsch

Cassandra Wunsch (photo supplied)

World Party Hobart: Inspirational Tasmania

World Party Hobart 2012 would continue well into the evening, but I admit I was undone by the heat and didn’t manage to stay until closing. I did do a little research into the event, however, and what I found was both inspirational and heartbreaking.

The organisers state on their website that the event was prompted by, and is held in part to remember a young woman named Zhang Tina Yu.  In 2009 she was studying here at UTAS towards an accounting degree. Tina was murdered in New Town that year. A vibrant young woman who never got to go home.

Whilst quietly remembering Tina however, the event is designed to offset the isolation and fear that members of the International Student Community can feel whilst living in Tasmania and to highlight, indeed to demonstrate, that this should not be the case. ~ World Party website

We live in a beautiful place, surrounded by beautiful people. The outpouring of public support for World Party Hobart was truly inspirational and made me proud to live here. Terrible things can and do happen everywhere, but we are a community and we’ll do everything we can to ensure everyone is safe and feels secure. How will we do this? We’ll throw a big party of course!

Cassandra Wunsch is a third-year journalism student at Open Universities Australia.  She lives in Hobart with her husband Florian and daughter Taliesin, and would like to continue to write full-time when she graduates. Her personal blog is

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