The Wrest Point Coffee Shop does a great lunch buffet. In fact, two hours before writing this article, I went there for the very first time. Just hadn’t eaten enough food over Christmas! That bit’s not true. I really went there for a birthday celebration, and for the occasion, it was perfect. Diners spanning three generations all gave the place a big tick of approval.

Wrest Point Coffee Shop - Hobart Casino

Wrest Point Casino, Hobart Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Why the Wrest Point Coffee Shop?

If you like to eat a lot, the Wrest Point Coffee Shop is going to suit you perfectly. There’s soups, roast meats, breads, vegetables and salads and an assortment of extras: squid, baked fish and beef in black-bean sauce with rice. As I said, this was my first-ever visit, so I don’t know if you could expect the same each time. I would suspect similar; but maybe not exactly the same every time. But something to suit everyone, surely.

Wrest Point Coffee Shop - Lunch Buffet

Lunch buffet salad selection: Wrest Point Coffee Shop

If you like to eat a little, you’re going to have to sample your favourites and leave the rest for another visit. If you tried to taste one of everything on the lunch buffet, you would explode. And if you like desserts (doesn’t everyone?) you’re going to be in your element. Chocolate mousse, pavlova, fruit salad, ice-cream, pecan pie and custard tarts. Just to name a few.

Wrest Point Coffee Shop - Lunch Buffet Desserts

Desserts on the lunch buffet: Wrest Point Coffee Shop

I thought the quality of all the food was pretty good. A chef slices the roast meat when it’s required and places it on your plate. The food was hot and fresh and the staff were continually replacing empty trays. There was plenty of room to move and no long queues or anything remotely resembling a budget all-you-can-eat bar. And what would the Wrest Point Coffee Shop be without a decent cup of coffee?

Wrest Point Coffee Shop - Casino Dining

Dining options: Wrest Point casino lunch buffet

It’s not fine dining of course, but if you want that, just go somewhere else in Hobart. If you want the kids to be happy and still have nice food for the adults, the Wrest Point Coffee Shop is an option. The cost was $24.50 per adult and $16-00 per child (plus drinks) for what could be a very substantial lunch. Even a small serving over three courses is good value in anyone’s language.

Wrest Point Coffee Shop - Lunch Buffet Prices

Reasonable prices: lunch buffet, Wrest Point Casino

Lunch Buffet: Christmas Show, Maybe?

The Wrest Point Coffee Shop would actually be a good option for a Christmas celebration, too. The decorations were still out in force, and they were very elaborate. The meat selection included baked ham and roast turkey. And you can even go shopping on your way out. The display cabinets in the passage had some lovely red jewellery for sale.

Wrest Point Coffee Shop - Christmas Celebration

Christmas decorations: Wrest Point Casino, Hobart Tasmania

Wrest Point Coffee Shop - Jewellery

Jewellery For sale: Wrest Point Casino, Hobart

Of course, there’s other ways to pass the time at Wrest Point. It is a casino, after all. The poker machines didn’t interest me, but I did like all the photography from the Wilderness Gallery. Photos taken by professional photographers always attract my attention.

Wrest Point Coffee Shop - Wilderness Gallery Photos

Photos: Wilderness Gallery, Wrest Point Casino

Saving the Best for Last

The real reason I wanted to share my experience of the Wrest Point Coffee Shop with you immediately though, has nothing to do with the food, the shopping or the Christmas decorations. It was the service of the staff, who were all friendly and efficient. But one chef in particular went out of his way to provide something really special.

One of the kids in our group was standing near the desserts, looking longingly at the scrumptious selection. The chef came to ask if he needed help. “No thanks.  I can’t eat dairy, so there’s nothing for me.” The poor child. Anyway, the chef promptly headed back to the kitchen and returned with a bowl of fresh and dried fruit and marshmallows, and lead the way to the chocolate fountain.

Wrest Point Coffee Shop - Chocolate Fountain

Lunch buffet: chocolate fountain

Armed with a skewer and the fruit, he gave a demonstration and assured everyone that the chocolate was in fact, dairy-free. Brilliant! He didn’t have to bother with any of that. But he did. And it made everyone smile. Especially one young man, who did not waste his opportunity!

Visit the Hobart Casino website for more information about the Wrest Point Coffee Shop.

Map: Wrest Point Coffee Shop

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