Check this out. The 2018 WWF Australia calendar published by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF, formerly World Wildlife Fund) features one of Carol’s photos.

Tasmanian Forests - Tarkine Views

The Tarkine from Sumac Lookout (photo by Carol Haberle)

2018 Calendar: WWF Australia

The May feature image in the WWF Australia 2018 calendar showcases The Tarkine views from Sumac Lookout. Appropriate permission was requested from Carol’s family to use the photo. We think she’d have been so proud… and so are we!

MAY 2018: WWF Australia 2018 calendar

Tarkine Tasmania: WWF Australia calendar

The chosen image was originally published by Think Tasmania in Carol’s article about Tasmanian Forests. You can see more images from the Tarkine Forest in Greg Hale’s photo of the month series.

Trowutta Arch: Tarkine wilderness of Tasmania

Trowutta Arch: Tarkine wilderness, Tasmania

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Map: The Tarkine, Tasmania…

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