Zone 3… how did we end up there? In a nutshell: during an internet search of ways to promote Tasmanian businesses, manager Joel found Think Tasmania, and an article called Things to Do in Launceston. He thought we should add Zone 3 to that list. Confident we would enjoy the experience and want to write about it, he invited us to come along and have a go. And he was right. Our group had such a fun evening, we wouldn’t hesitate recommending a visit to you.

Zone - Laser Games, Launceston

Zone 3: Laser Games, Launceston (photos supplied)

Zone 3 Laser Games

Owner Brett Johnstone has just opened this flash new laser games arena in the Launceston region. In fact, when we arrived, they’d only been open three days! Brett also owns Zone 3 in Hobart, which has been operating successfully since 1993. Not to be confused with outdoor skirmish or paintball, Zone 3 is all about laser tag… so no paint stains or bruises.

Tasmania to Host International Zone Competition

The new Tasmanian Zone 3 arena is so impressive in fact, they have won the rights to host an international competition. Teams from the United States, New Zealand and Australia will do battle in March 2012, with a big trophy and bragging rights at stake. And while this can be considered an elite sport involving a serious training regime, it is equally suitable for casual, first-time players. Our collection of volunteers were quick to adapt to the energetic, adrenaline-fueled game.

Laser Games: Phasor for All

Age and gender are not remotely relevant to the level of fun expected at Zone. I rounded up a group of six young teenage boys to use as crash test dummies, thinking that would be appropriate. And it definitely ticked all the boxes for a fun time for them, with the excitement levels reaching fever pitch. But I must mention that two dads also accepted the challenge to run around in the dark with a flashing, electronic vest and phasor!

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Very young children are equally able to join in the fun. And don’t go thinking this is an all-male show. We met Jay and her friends, who chose Zone 3 as the place to celebrate her 19th birthday. The party girls were each decked out in a very fetching, brightly-coloured tutu and looked quite at home with a phasor!

Birthday Party Zone

There is a mezzanine party room at Zone 3 in Launceston for group bookings to congregate between laser games. Brett and Joel can organise drinks, chips and lollies (all the party essentials!) and encourage pizza deliveries and BYO birthday cake. They do have  ice-cream cakes available as a back-up plan.

Zone - Party Room

Mezzanine party room: Zone 3

24 players can participate at any one time in the laser games arena, allocated between teams or competing as individuals. If you arrive solo, you can be integrated into another group. Each player is given a report card at the completion of the game, showing their success rate.

Zone - Laser Games Competition

Laser games: Zone 3 report card

Arcade and Laser Games

And talking about success, one of the mums from our volunteer contingent showed how she misspent her youth by dominating the pinball machine. Actually, there was a lot of action in the games arcade zone outside the laser tag arena. With racing simulators, dance machines, air hockey and the like, the blood was pumping and the competitive spirit was definitely on display.

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The centre has package deals for birthdays and groups, and discounts for super sessions. The Launceston Zone 3 centre is located at 9 Swantson Park Drive off Waverley Road in the light industrial park. A little out of the way, but the kids (and adults!) will thank you for taking the effort. For more information about Zone 3, call (03) 6339 2585 or visit their website.

Think Tasmania (complete with a team of enthusiastic volunteer combatants) visited as guests of Zone. Thanks for making contact with Think Tasmania, and we wish you all the very best with the new venture in Launceston and continued success at Zone 3 Hobart. And of course: good luck to all contestants competing in the international meet next March.

Map: Zone 3 Launceston Tasmania…

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